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On the basis of studies of internal ballistics barrel mud pulse systems and high-speed gas-liquid flows and based on a patented hydrodynamic technology, developed and produced a portable fire extinguishing system of the new generation, is used as an extinguishing agent mist fluid (water).

Fire extinguishing liquid is dispersed and dispersed by a supersonic gas flow. The resulting gas-liquid stream can be formed into a compact Throw or a torch with an opening angle of 40 degrees. Fluid can be both continuous and pulse duration of 0.3 seconds. The effectiveness of the system for fire provided both high insulating, penetrating and cooling properties of liquid mist and flameout under the influence of high-speed gas-liquid flow. The ability to extinguish electrical energized due to lack of a continuous stream of extinguishing solution.

- The elimination of hotbeds of burning at least 15A or 233V
- Putting electrical voltages up to 10 kV
- Minimum weight with maximum efficiency
- Respiratory protection and vision statement
- Mobility and always ready for action

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